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Exquisite and exclusive - Defining The Individual

Man sitting on guitar amplifier wearing grey and navy top with Nev Custom logo.

Certain words can transform the meaning of a particular subject or object as perceived by the listener, reader or onlooker. For example, exquisite.
Exquisite is a word that rolls off the tongue and generates a feeling of warmth; it describes elegance and beauty with intensity or sharpness. With the compliment of something exclusive, an extraordinary transformation occurs with a unique creation. Set aside (exclusive)
the stage set, the invitations are sent to the defining groups and individuals to partake. Moreover, one can't ignore a beautiful thing.

Why Nev Footwear and Apparel?

Because of the desire for individuality and style, Nev Custom Wear was conceived and came into being during "lockdown" '2020. Being a musician in a band, not being able to perform live gigs, I had lots of time to think and do some self-introspection. During this period, I had my light-bulb moment - "be creative and do something different".

The Awakening

As a child, I enjoyed drawing and painting; they were one of my favourite subjects at school. After a few weeks of soul searching, the thought came out of the blue that the band would benefit from having its personalised merchandise. Armed with this idea, I took action. The first creations were hoodies followed by t-shirts and finally high-top sneakers for the band members and the fans. Those early steps has brought me to this point, creating the Nev Custom Wear brand.

Our Designs

Life is colourful, and nature displays it beautifully.
Like music, our designs are not for everyone; some may love it, some may hate it, like marmite.
Our designs centre around music, nature, the abstract and beautiful colours. Our focus is not on the masses but the individual: hence exclusive and exquisite.


All our products are ethically and responsibly sourced. To reduce waste and prevent stockpiling, which is harmful to our planet, unlike conventional manufacturing, When you order your products, they are printed, cut sewn and handmade.

Our Aim 

We don't claim to be trendsetters or fashion gurus.
We aim to provide you with quality authentic designs that will enhance your lifestyle and help define YOU, the individual.

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